Water festival in cambodia essay writer

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Water festival in cambodia essay writer

During the long time of settling along Mekong River, the Khmer has made up a unique and frenetic festival of Water Festival. Water brings the coolness, prosperity, happiness and purity for human life. Therefore, Water Festival aims to express their gratitude to the Mekong River for rearing their lives, providing them with water and marine.

Water Festival in Cambodia is a joyful time for people to welcome a natural occurrence: Nowadays, Water Festival takes place every year in November with many exciting activities.

water festival in cambodia essay writer

Water Festival includes two main parts: The ceremony lasts for there days with three main ceremonies: The last day is for the most exciting activity of the festival — boat racing. Since the early morning, people gather along the bank of Mekong River in Phnom Penh.

On the river, there are dozens of boats with thirty to forty boatmen on each. During the race, the atmosphere is absolutely boiling and bustling.

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Rowing rhythm in harmony with the drum beats, boats quickly moving on the water make a vivid picture. The winners in the race are generously rewarded with money, clothes, rice, cigarettes, so on. In the evening, there are colorful and sparkling activities on the river.

The river will be lightened by hundreds of boats slowly floating on the water surface with thousands of neon lights, hundred lanterns in different colors on each. Water Festival is one of the most long-lasting and important festival in Cambodia.

Joining in this festival would be such precious memory in your life when you enjoy a new culture and new atmosphere.water festival in cambodia essay writer.

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water festival in cambodia essay writer

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Cambodia’s famous Water Festival is one of the highlights of the calendar year, bringing together people from across the country for three unforgettable days of boat racing, fireworks and festivities.

Water Festival in Cambodia is a joyful time for people to welcome a natural occurrence: the reversing flow between the Tonle Sap and the Mekong River. Originally, Water Festival was held by King Jayarvaman VII at aim of .

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